Jan-Dec 2024 focus areas

Skits & Quibbles episodes pilot successful & we are in live productions (twice a month S&Q show with selected established acts & twice a month we facilitate growth for artists who have been specifically chosen and deserving of this push). The aim of Skits & Quibbles is to challenge inequalities in the performing arts and in the small way show that the variety is the spice of life, Diversity & Inclusion is not just some kind of % to quote but we all own parts of improving the statistics in our own ways. We hope you agree that in the country where 51% are women, 49% are men, around a third of inhabitants are of ethnic minorities yet the industry and other leading groups analysis shows these are not reflected in decision making, on the boards & indeed on the stages.

Updated T&Cs in form of Groovie Code of Conduct to incorporate latest adventures & experience.

2024 Groovie Reverse roast battle will be hosted on 3 May 2024 at 7pm by the champ Duffy Connors.

2024 sees new adventure in creativity and Speed Dating with the DIFFERENCE which aims to facilitate networking amongst performing artists and sharpening those tools & skills.

Groovie Improv lead Courtney Cornfield (who trained at Loose Moose in Calgary, Canada) is kicking off formal training to facilitate growth in this often neglected capability yet so important for all types of performing artists: next session in March in The Grove Tavern, 83 Hammersmith Grove, London W6 0NQ where we move to from April as main development venue for new productions.

  • Groovie Bunch will co-deliver & co-promote a number of variety events in 2024 which focuses the team on higher profile productions hence the move away from running events on Mondays which, however enjoyable and fun absorb a lot of our creative energy which we can apply elsewhere for bigger and greater things that will reach bigger audiences, inlcuding:
  • Strictly Wellbeing, in November 2024,
  • Suicide Prevention Conference on 12 September 2024,
  • The Royal Pearls (Bangkok, Opatija, Dubrovnik & Dubai), Britannnia Open Titles,
  • Havening conference in New York in June 2024,
  • Lazareski Dance training academy in October 2024 – developing producing capability & performance, stage management
  • Corporate celebratory & team building events in December 2024

Jul-Dec 2023

  • Final dress rehearsals for Skits & Quibbles episodes. Filming 3 Nov – 8 Dec 2023 the first 4 episodes.
  • Pilot of role play for corporate work and exploring joint ventures with other smaller productions.
  • Improvisation team strategic planning to complement media work and diversify into other geographies.
  • 2 Artistic Directors join the team to strengthen the core capabilities in acting and coaching/Fascilitating delivery of variety events & workshops.
  • Sketch and wider writing to incorporate into role play and film.
  • Completed several student placements for the government youth schemes training school leavers and providing work placements for secondary school students.
  • Developing family friendly productions and educational content for local councils and communities.
  • Developing new partnerships within performing arts with principal focus on musical and dance cooperations.

Apr-Jun 2023

In this quarter we are planning the programme of activities for wider audiences including family friendly events and using comedy and improv in a wide range of situations to bring communities closer together and build a good positive community spirit.

Our customers have invited us to present to their teams on the subjects of managing stress and anxiety, confidence building, managing individual and team performance and developing better, more authentic communication and connections.

Our team becomes more mobile in this period, travelling across Europe and providing support in variety events primarily in the Balkans opening new opportunities for cultural exchanges and fusion of different styles in performing arts including music, dance and written word. We explore the power of play to bring fun personal development to younger audiences and enhance their confidence and innovation skills. Community events and especially outdoor events provide a perfect opportunity to reach our younger audiences and even to bring family pets to our events.

We are planning a number of personal and professional development workshops and seminars in continued efforts with key experts from neuroscience, psychology and coaches in performance management. Our comedy shows are a perfect environment to select new talent and involve them in new win-win opportunities for our corporate and business events where we involve top range of the talent pool. Comedy improv is a perfect tool and wonderful vehicle for leadership development, whether it’s self-leadership or leadership of others, as it imparts crucial life skills that every person needs.   We aim to create safe and fun environment for a person to undergo experiential self-directed learning. Through the interactive exercises and activities, a person is able to experience learning on various levels and to self-reflect on their learnings and make better choices that serve them better. Most importantly they are able to transfer this learning to every area of their life, whether it’s personal relationships, or professional work or study. Our lead for the comedy improv is Courtney Cornfield who joins the team

Groovie Comedy team provided family friendly entertainment at community event in South London – Gordie Balkan Girl, Emmanuel Paul, Sonia Aste & Cortney Cornfield

In the Balkans, strictly speaking we are fusing dance and comedy and adventure continues with Sean Meo and Gordana Micic featuring on Croatian TV in June 2023 at the Adriatic Royal Pearl alongside Marko Ciboci, Carmen Vincelj, Motsi Mabuse and dancers and entertainers from across the world. Sean Meo was a friend and a comedy writer behind Bruce Forsyth’s jokes on Strictly Come Dancing and we expect to have a few UK Strictly references in his set and to remember the dance and comedy legend, Bruce Forsyth.

Jan-Mar 2023

Hello Groovie Bunch, (our virtual business card is HERE)

What a year it has been, year of challenges, of growth and a lot of love and fun. We are developing further this small yet mighty player providing entertainment on one of quietest days of the week. Our customers told us just how much they love our friendly, cozy, warm atmosphere where they can relax, enjoy comedy without it being too busy and overwhelming. Our performers praised us for dedication and professionalism in ensuring everyone feels welcome no matter their status in the industry or as an individual in the society. We love this feedback and please continue to communicate it to us, follow our hosts and artists on social media, go to their other events and venues. We are just one night of the week in central London where you have so much great choice. Commence your week in the best way possible, with laughter, with us on Monday and then work your way through our neighbors and the West End.

Several great news as we commence this year. Groovie Grove Comedy continues in a fully transformed, under new management, our Balkan connection, with new ideas in this partner venue, The Grove Tavern (for us Groovie Grove). This was our original home and where we welcomed over 300 performers over 4 years, previously as Balkan Comedy Bubble and since many small business were affected, we were too and had to close that and run online gigs on Zoom. Weekly for over a year and we had another business from the Balkans helping us pay our performers even during lockdown which was incredibly kind and considerate of them and that is why their community now have very chunky discount with us, because as they say, we do not forger those that helped us in difficult times, were alongside us during those times supporting us. As to those that put us in difficult times, we shall use them as our material in comedy writing… Laughter heals and brings us closer together as community.

The Comedy Pub, now The Coach House continues to offer discount on food for Groovie customer so make sure when booking a table to state Groovie discount). With fresh ideas and incredible entertainers from all backgrounds: TV, theatre, public speakers, established personalities in their respective areas of work including our resident wellbeing expert, top UK mental health expert, Dr Audrey Tang, who brings more of her wisdom in 2023. Wellbeing workshops are open to all and we hope to find a sponsor and offer them for free again.

We renewed contracts with our promotion partners, NHS (also delivering wellbeing session, including comedy to their staff), Teachers, Care Workers, Transport staff, National Rail Days Out, TimeOut, Groupon,… few new ones and always looking for win-win-win scenarios. If you are key worker, student, senior citizen, we have discounts for you and our returning customers – if you don’t see them do ask. Check our our offers page. Somebody said “I cannot remember the links” so we also listed them on linktree CLICK HERE.

Some of our adventures will include expanding even more into corporate entertainment due to our business network that often ask us to host, entertain their teams on their team day or provide coaching, project management with a touch of humour, training customer service staff or team development/building. Send us an email and we will find the expert, book a venue on your behalf, sort out all technical aspects and logistics and deliver.

Few date for diaries: of course it has to start with Valentine’s with Maya, Athena, Gordi & Ali (we booked Ali for diversity sake, him being a white male comedian and we wanted to outnumber him with the ladies on the day, one of them our Lady Macbeth for the night, actress Maya Barcot). Some of our favorites, Athena Amoret clown act on 13 Feb, character comedian, Rose Wadham on 13 Mar, clowns, Chris Lynam on 3 Apr & Scott Capurro from San Francisco on 8 May. International artists from all over the world will be appearing on our line ups so keep an eye as we sometimes catch them as they land and taxi them into the club. Literally!

We focus on diversity & inclusion which is very important to us and, we believe, the main value we offer is searching for the uniqueness in our performers and celebrating wide range of talents and styles.

We will add more events for particular group and in April this will be dog lovers and we have already confirmed Gordi, Sonia & Lyle Barke for this, all of whom adore and have dogs that they will bring on our annual ‘bring your k9 to work day’. Watch this space!

Gordi, one of our 3 hosts who does corporate events, is working with Strictly dancers, members of World Dance Organization, to enable us to further diversify our productions incorporating dance shows. One such dancer will pop in soon. We cannot give the name and when due to the fans sometimes being a bit overwhelming and we like discrete, understated comedy & variety nights. So it will be a surprise low key visit. Will they dance? Yes!

As part of our efficiency, effectiveness & equality drive, we shall have more autonomy for our production teams from April and we are piloting this next month. The idea being that every show is an independent production where the team works on a freelance basis.