Media & Partnerships

Our partners have included royalty, celebrities, performance artists and influencers. We have performed at the Houses of Parliament, Palaces, Concert venues, Museums, Galleries, and some of the SME venues, their residences sometimes. For us, a gig is a gig regardless if we are performing for 5,000+ or a handful of people. We do our utmost to deliver to the highest level of our capabilities and innovate so that it forms part of your ‘positivity reservoir’ of memories enabling our artists to showcase their incredible skills. Our collaborations are growing every day as customers reach out to us and we get recommended and we thank you for the wonderful opportunities – it has been one delightful journey. Below are few examples of the types of engagements that Groovie team delivered & were mentioned on TV, Radio & publications. We look forward to working with more partners and we are continuously expanding the team to meet the demand be it in corporate, community or entertainment space.

Wellbeing Media Studio

The ChrissyB Show, Wellbeing Media Studios, Zinc Network, The IET, CERN, Imperial College, UCL, Bloomsbury Theatre, NHS, Teachers, Carers, National Rail Days Out, TimeOut, Groupon, Bucket, Wowcher, DizzyFeet, WDO (World Dance Organisation), Paul McKenna, Dr Ron Ruden, Dr Audrey Tang, Tom Fortes Mayer, Perry McCarthy (The Black Stig from Top Gear), Ben Chai, MarcJB, Livio Morosin, The British Council, The Royal Albert Hall, The Tate Modern, The Grove Tavern, The Coach House, Cafe Bonego, The Britania Open Titles, National Days Out, The Paxton, Village512, Scott Capurro, The Pam Ford, Radu Isac, Imran Yusuf, Sean Meo, Mike Gunn, Logan Murray, Sasha Srbulj, Hank Denson, Chris Lynam, Madame Chandelier, Fiona Clift, Thom Tuck, Maya Barcot, Anthony Warren, Jo Caulfield, Vedran Silipetar & Galerija Hermana Pula Croatia, Chuck Norris Cafe Zagreb, Ben Akiba, Dom Omladine, Plesna Akademija Lazareski, Hilton, Athena Amoret, Renata Simic FlipClip Productions, Sanda Kolar Slavaho, Sonia Aste, Vix Leyton, Katie McLeod, Rose Wadham, Kate Cheka, Ione Brown, Katie Pritchard (Southampton Open), Charlotte Fox, Glas Istre, Pedja Bajovic, Ivan Mileusnic & Dare To Dance, Britic, Brooklands Museum, Boeing, NEC, Beli Dvor, Hyatt, Intercontinental, The Royal Aeronautical Society, BT Educational Programme, IBM mentoring programme, Action For Children & Byte Night, Jelena Radonjic & What Work, Stand Up RS, Mike Sheer, Big Smoke Comedy, Thomas W Kelly, DSI TV, Bercy Arena, Eurosport, AXA, Olympia Earls Court, Phil Zimmerman, Jacques&Angel, EXIT, Latitude, Kathinka, Gillian Burrows, The Best You/NLP Live Training, Hammersmith Apollo & Balkan Music Festival, BBC & CBBC, Museum of Comedy, Marko Ciboci, Milan Kovacevic, Nikola Tesla Museum, Mind Body Spirit Festival, Pula Arena, Circolo Italian Centre, Rock Bar Mimoza, Legat1903, Devetka, Mensa, Rebecca Poole, JoyTribe, Krusevac Geto (at Groovie Grove with Gordi, Fiona Clift, Mel, Phil, Jelena, & Nikola Trisic & Nikola Milenkovic), APM, West London Living, Metro, Goiogle, numerous radio stations and wellbeing related programmes, and over 1,000 independent freelance artists, influencers, coaches, dancers, writers, poets, clowns, characters, musical artists, visual artists, public speakers and all round good nuts.

We have contributed as subject matter experts from wellbeing, mental health, building stage craft, performance management, risk management, team building & team development and gifted many jokes & wittiness to brighten up the day for the fans of positivity, comedy lovers, creative souls and listeners.

We are not just a stand up club. We diversify in such way that we use arts and different performing arts, artforms, to train those who are predominantly “left brain thinkers” to engage their right brains too. Our forte is delivering ad-hoc events in corporate world to the specification of our customers to develop new capabilities for a team or whole function using the most beautiful artforms comedy, dance, music & spoken word, eliciting laughter and joy as this is when the happy juices are flowing through everyone’s brains and they learn with ease and remember it longer.

Coaching & Training through Role Play – Internationally in several languages

We provide training & after dinner entertainment combining different styles and artform, which is why our address and contacts list is so wide ranging. We invest into our respective communities by organising and running a wide range of community events from coaching young people to providing events for older, more senior citizens. We know that laughter, dance and engaging in different artforms can delay some conditions and keep you young for longer. And you could say we are prescribed on NHS for free – Practically YES! We are one of the rare productions that offer 75% saving to key workers (see our offers page) and anyone they refer to us gets free tickets with our love, gumption & support.

International Cultural Exchanges – Comedy / Dance / Wellness / Coaching

London, Zagreb , Belgrade, Novi Sad, Paris, Brussels, Corby, Leicester, Edinburgh, Perth, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Pula (Europe & Americas for variety events). Groovie team work with musicians, dancers, comedians, performing artists and facilitate collaboration for international artists including Livio Morosin & Marc JB. We are currently scheduling cultural exchanges in comedy, dance and musical theatre across Europe.

West London Living

The British Council project with Krusevac Geto: Nikola – Fiona Clift – Nikola
Marc JB performed at several of our big engagements, Internationally and the UK. Marc composed Groovie walk on tune called “LOVER’s NEST” for Skits & Quibbles.
High Profile networking events: Director of Groovie Comedy does a lot of public speaking- at the House of Lords with Air Commodore Bill Tyack.
Groovie team champion wellbeing & work with our clients & country’s leading experts & specialists such as Dr Audrey Tang.
Post lockdown, before other venues opened, Groovie team provided events every day for one year before it all returned to “normality” – we found out that you are indeed born ready when needed
Hammersmith Keep Things Local, 2021

Two Balkan Girls host Valentine Eve Comedy Compliments Battle, Jan 2023

Partnership with The Grove, May 2021

Meet the founder of the Groovie Comedy club, Jan 2020

Groovie Comedy (formerly Balkan Comedy Bubble) SME partnership, Feb 2020

It started with Balkan Girl moving to the UK, Groovie’s founder, who has been through such life challenges that Groovie Comedy, launched in Istria, is her answer to offer support and champion some basic moral and ethical values in the way she conducts her business. Our brand name comes from 3 words: combined GROOVY & VIE which in French means ‘life’ playfully with words hinting that for us comedy is a way of life and learning and dealing with problems. We can run events in 21 languages if you need us to do that in your respective countries or in the UK. Many of our artists and partners have performed across the world and, for us, it is just another day in the office to be flown across the world to deliver a gig.