Apr-Jun 2023

In this quarter we are planning the programme of activities for wider audiences including family friendly events and using comedy and improv in a wide range of situations to bring communities closer together and build a good positive community spirit.

Our customers have invited us to present to their teams on the subjects of managing stress and anxiety, confidence building, managing individual and team performance and developing better, more authentic communication and connections.

Our team becomes more mobile in this period, travelling across Europe and providing support in variety events primarily in the Balkans opening new opportunities for cultural exchanges and fusion of different styles in performing arts including music, dance and written word. We explore the power of play to bring fun personal development to younger audiences and enhance their confidence and innovation skills. Community events and especially outdoor events provide a perfect opportunity to reach our younger audiences and even to bring family pets to our events.

We are planning a number of personal and professional development workshops and seminars in continued efforts with key experts from neuroscience, psychology and coaches in performance management. Our comedy shows are a perfect environment to select new talent and involve them in new win-win opportunities for our corporate and business events where we involve top range of the talent pool. Comedy improv is a perfect tool and wonderful vehicle for leadership development, whether it’s self-leadership or leadership of others, as it imparts crucial life skills that every person needs.   We aim to create safe and fun environment for a person to undergo experiential self-directed learning. Through the interactive exercises and activities, a person is able to experience learning on various levels and to self-reflect on their learnings and make better choices that serve them better. Most importantly they are able to transfer this learning to every area of their life, whether it’s personal relationships, or professional work or study. Our lead for the comedy improv is Courtney Cornfield who joins the team

Groovie Comedy team provided family friendly entertainment at community event in South London – Gordie Balkan Girl, Emmanuel Paul, Sonia Aste & Cortney Cornfield

In the Balkans, strictly speaking we are fusing dance and comedy and adventure continues with Sean Meo and Gordana Micic featuring on Croatian TV in June 2023 at the Adriatic Royal Pearl alongside Marko Ciboci, Carmen Vincelj, Motsi Mabuse and dancers and entertainers from across the world. Sean Meo was a friend and a comedy writer behind Bruce Forsyth’s jokes on Strictly Come Dancing and we expect to have a few UK Strictly references in his set and to remember the dance and comedy legend, Bruce Forsyth.


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