Jan-Dec 2024 focus areas

Skits & Quibbles episodes pilot successful & we are in live productions (twice a month S&Q show with selected established acts & twice a month we facilitate growth for artists who have been specifically chosen and deserving of this push). The aim of Skits & Quibbles is to challenge inequalities in the performing arts and in the small way show that the variety is the spice of life, Diversity & Inclusion is not just some kind of % to quote but we all own parts of improving the statistics in our own ways. We hope you agree that in the country where 51% are women, 49% are men, around a third of inhabitants are of ethnic minorities yet the industry and other leading groups analysis shows these are not reflected in decision making, on the boards & indeed on the stages.

Updated T&Cs in form of Groovie Code of Conduct to incorporate latest adventures & experience.

2024 Groovie Reverse roast battle will be hosted on 3 May 2024 at 7pm by the champ Duffy Connors.

2024 sees new adventure in creativity and Speed Dating with the DIFFERENCE which aims to facilitate networking amongst performing artists and sharpening those tools & skills.

Groovie Improv lead Courtney Cornfield (who trained at Loose Moose in Calgary, Canada) is kicking off formal training to facilitate growth in this often neglected capability yet so important for all types of performing artists: next session in March in The Grove Tavern, 83 Hammersmith Grove, London W6 0NQ where we move to from April as main development venue for new productions.

  • Groovie Bunch will co-deliver & co-promote a number of variety events in 2024 which focuses the team on higher profile productions hence the move away from running events on Mondays which, however enjoyable and fun absorb a lot of our creative energy which we can apply elsewhere for bigger and greater things that will reach bigger audiences, inlcuding:
  • Strictly Wellbeing, in November 2024,
  • Suicide Prevention Conference on 12 September 2024,
  • The Royal Pearls (Bangkok, Opatija, Dubrovnik & Dubai), Britannnia Open Titles,
  • Havening conference in New York in June 2024,
  • Lazareski Dance training academy in October 2024 – developing producing capability & performance, stage management
  • Corporate celebratory & team building events in December 2024

Jul-Dec 2023

  • Final dress rehearsals for Skits & Quibbles episodes. Filming 3 Nov – 8 Dec 2023 the first 4 episodes.
  • Pilot of role play for corporate work and exploring joint ventures with other smaller productions.
  • Improvisation team strategic planning to complement media work and diversify into other geographies.
  • 2 Artistic Directors join the team to strengthen the core capabilities in acting and coaching/Fascilitating delivery of variety events & workshops.
  • Sketch and wider writing to incorporate into role play and film.
  • Completed several student placements for the government youth schemes training school leavers and providing work placements for secondary school students.
  • Developing family friendly productions and educational content for local councils and communities.
  • Developing new partnerships within performing arts with principal focus on musical and dance cooperations.


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