Performing Artists

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Meet the team

Gordana Micic comedian producer
Gordana Micic MBA MEng CEng MIET MAPM

Director / Founder of Groovie Comedy (former Balkan Comedy Bubble) is dancer, producer, scientist, engineer, model, managing consultant. Hosts international & professional events. Uses wittiness and playfully introduces music & body movement & dance metaphors to reframe & facilitate positive changes. Trained in methods of accelerated change & developing high performing teams. Languages: English, Serbian/Croatian, French.

Sonia Aste comedian
Sonia Aste

MC, Have you ever been to Spain? Did you think things were … ‘interesting’? Sonia Aste is a Spaniard living in the UK who believes ‘Cultural differences are like Sangria – a mix that sometimes leaves a headache, but we always end up asking for more!’ Languages: English, Spanish, French.

‘Fans, football, folklore & family, uplifting and hilarious’ ★★★★★ Oxford Daily

thomas w kelly comedian producer drag queen
Thomas W Kelly

MC, Producer, Performing Artist & Writer Thomas W Kelly joined us in May 2021 to diversify our offering. Known as the drag queen Dark Sugar, she produces cabaret shows with a distinct dark silliness and variety of acts. … all round beautiful human and pleasure to have around.

Wes Defoe

Producer, Host, Presenter, Actor, Impersonator, all round great entertainer & social butterfly.

Essex-raised observational comedian, based in London and a certified “Weirdo” with a unique perspective on race, relationships and UK culture!

vix leyton comedian
Vix Leyton

MC, discovered by Mark Watson on Twitter, Welsh comic Vix Leyton is a natural storyteller with a keen eye for observation, combining warm, whimsical charm with biting wit. Vix creates a wonderful a warm & welcoming setting.

“A rising star on the comedy circuit ” The Metro

Courtney Cornfield

Primary school English teacher with a love of phonics, languages and learning though creativity. Specialities: Acting, Comedy Improv, Stand up Comedy,Voice Over, Teaching English/ dialects,, event organising, photography, writing, children’s party entertainer. Languages: English, German.

Guest Hosts: Andy James, Vash Pernik, Duffy Connors

Guest producers & filmographers & advise Sanda Kolar, Renata Simic, Roberto Ostoni, Sandra Stojanovic, Ryan Simpson.

Writers & advisers for corporate work: Gordana Micic, Jacqueline Haigh, Sonia Aste, Sean Meo, Courntey Cornfield, Thomas W Kelly, Dr Audrey Tang, Kelly Thompson.

Music & jingles: MarcJB (Lovers Nest – Groovie closing tune for Skits & Quibbles show), Livio Morosin (dance improv), Dragos Mostenescu (Groovie Grove tune).

Dec 2022 at Groovie Comedy… wonderful positive vibe
Wellbeing Media Studio ;Skits & Quibbles’ show: Host Gordana Micic with celebrity guest Marko Ciboci (judge on Dancing with the Stars)
from left to right: Sam See, Matt Foster, Variety D, Andy James, Marc Burrows, Lesley Ewing-Burgese, Vix Leyton, Nora Lempiere, Dom Burrell, Mark Nicholas
Vix Leyton
Victoria Howden
Dancde Improv – Alex & Gordie
Sonia Aste
Sean Meo
Dr Audrey Tang

Our hosts & acts are as diverse as shows… 

Gordi & Katie Pritchard – entertainers at Britannia Open Titles Dance Championships (variety event, dance & comedy)
Sean Meo & Livio Morosin (comedy & variety event in Croatia)
Comedy & Variety at the Royal Adriatic Pearl in Croatia June 2023 – Sean Meo, Gordana Micic & Damiano Ciranna-Lopez
Croatian / British cultural exchange music production & comedy: Livio Morosin, Gordana Micic Boro Vuckovic, Marc JB
Marc JB & Gordi – wellness festival at Olympia, 2020
Corporate gig – Gordie & Perry McCarthy (Black Stig, Top Gear)
Stig pose….. with client’s leadership & management teams
Corporate gig with president of society, Gordi Vlad Ilich & Larisa Bonacci
Sean Meo – British / Balkan cultural exchange in the Balkans
CJ Hopkins
Dark Sugar
Rick Kieswetter
Malinda Mukuma
Sonia Aste
Vix Leyton
Ben Lawrence
Ione Brown
Chris Lynam
Gabby Killick
Ellie Connor
Jo Caulfield
Dark Sugar
Rachel Jackson
Mike Capozolla
Tom Fortes Mayer (FreeMind)
Madame Chandelier
Mike Sheer
Katie McLeod
Bryan Watson & Carmen
Scott Capurro
Will Hitt
Bill Bailey at The Grove Tavern
Phil Zimmerman
Jurgen Strack
Kate Cheka
Imran Yusuf
Chris Lynam
Vash Pernikar
Thomas Clarke, Lucien Jack, Kat Kasisopa, Gordana Micic, Mark Beetlestone
Sarah Mills
Jordan Grey
Dark Sugar & Alex Ratman
Brandon Palmer
Sean Meo
Fiona Clift
Thom Tuck
Will Hitt
Peter Buckley Hill
Sam Rhodes
Flat & The Curves
Tadiwa Mahlunge
Pam Ford
Phil Zimmerman
Luke Chilton
Bryan Watson (dancer)
Jordan Grey
Gordana Micic, Patrick Monahan & Gabby Killick

Maya Barcot
Stephen Portlock
Ladies night at The Grove
Mike Sheer, Imran Yusuf, Gordie & Dan Morris
Wuhan child, Moni Zang
Mel & Josh
Athena Amoret
Charlotte Fox
Andy Zapp
Balkan Girl
Gordana Micic
Mark O’Keeffe
Kate Martin
Wes Defoe
Sara Barron
Madame Chandelier
Cecilia Delatori
Emmanuel Paul
Gordie & Paul Boross MBE (The Best You festival @Olympia)
Ben Lawrence

Dragos Mostenescu
Sonia Aste
Sean Little
Katie Pritchard
Samia Husein
Peter Jones
Sam See
Marc Burrows
Kelly & James Prouton,Britannia Open Titles
Alex Mandel-Dallal
Honourable Tom, Tom Houghton
Stephen Catling & Ben Chai
Patrick Monahan
Women in Leadership event: Prof Heather Joshi CBE, Samira Ahmed & Gordana Micic
Victoria Howden, Ed Mulvey, Ashish Suri, Andy Zapp, Gordana Micic, Scott Capurro.
Mike Gunn & his protegees reunion
Dr Audrey Tang – Wellbeing resident coach, director, exec producer at Groovie Comedy/Wellbeing Media Studio

Action shots from Groovie shows