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Groovie Comedy & Cultural Celebrations on Thursdays at The Grove Tavern

December 7 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Join Groovie Comedy on 7th Dec 2023 at the Grove Tavern in Hammersmith

for their Christmas special with CHRIS LYNAM “THE KING OF CLOWNS”

Warm up acts: Duffy Connors, Gordi Balkan Girl, Vix Leyton & MC: Sonia Aste

At the end of the show are is the awards ceremony and short afterparty till the venue closes

Groovie GLITTER BALL Awards for the shiniest stars amongst Groovie Bunch in 2021 2022 & 2023

(awards will be ceremonially given by a surprise celebrity TV guest)


Come and celebrate with us from 6-10pm on 7 Dec 2023

(doors open 5pm for dinner and preshow drinks)

Address: The Grove Tavern 83 Hammersmith Grove London W6 0NQ

Dress code: Flamboyant Weird Sparkly or you can even come in own character comedian edition… looking totally normal!)



With an exquisite grasp of the grotesque, Chris Lynam has been feverishly subverting the traditions of the stand-up for more than thirty years. His reputation for unpredictable comic mayhem has propelled him to the four corners of the globe, and viewers and audience attendees here and throughout the world have been aghast and agog at his televised antics and stage performances.

Chris’s wild style of comedy was born just over 45 years ago when he was a schoolboy in Zimbabwe, a country he still visits regularly to apply the finishing touches to a five story log cabin he is building.

His earliest apprenticeship began at the age of fourteen when he spent the summer working in a Luna Park picking up the rudiments of being a clown. There he teamed up with a group of RAF men on their annual holiday, who guided him through the first steps of public performance. Then, when aged twenty he woke one morning and said “I want to be a clown!” he drew on those experiences to get started. From that point on he was hooked to a life in show business.

Clowning Lynam style is rather different from the circus variety and he certainly sticks out from the ever-increasing ranks of conventional stand-ups who merely fling words at their audience. Chris flings so much more at his crowd, from chocolate and ice-cubes to confetti and even his whole body (when he’s doing his impression of ‘a piece of pigeon poo landing on a member of the audience).

His style emanates from street performing where he has spent so much time touring the world on a shoestring and perfecting his art. The result is a general air of barely controlled madness that characterises his shows.

In contrast to his manic persona on stage, when he’s off duty Chris is a quiet, not particularly talkative man who reserves his copious energy and the extrovert side of his nature for performance. Nevertheless, when you are in conversation with him there is always the feeling that a fire rages furiously just below the surface, temporarily extinguished only when given the chance to burn brightly in front of large numbers of people.

VIX LEYTON: Welsh Stand up PRINCESS & GROOVIE BUNCH QUEEN BEE absolute legend and top crowd rifrafer (it’s not a word? it is where we come from in the creative world and if 1000 of you use it, it will make it into the dictionary!)

Sonia Aste: Spanish SAS soldier of Britich stand up scene who will dance you and pun you at any opportunity. She will tailor her jokes to you on the night so you may even have a memento to take with you if you are one of the loudest and wittiest in the crowd.

Duffy Connors: IRISH Stand Up One Liner legend, humble, loving with super sharp wittiness sword… he secretly lives in the attic of the Grove, no one has seen him but the legend has it he is there every day.

Gordi Balkan Girl: Gordana Micic in her dancing diva character who will ensure this is a true visual auditory and kinesthetic treat of a night. Unlike others, it is not her job to be humble, quiet or discrete so… expect anything from these five. Dress well. Bring friends and family, mistresses, love child, neighbours,… more – merrier!


This will be our 1000th show plus minus 50… we lost count as have many corporate shows too that we do not count really so it is a big round number this one!



83 Hammersmith Grove
London, W60NQ United Kingdom
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